Introducing Workout Insights, Key To Higher Value Packages

The workout insights feature gives you very specific, step-by-step details about how your clients interact with your workouts.

When you use the feature, you'll be able to see when a client skips, pauses, rewinds, and exits a workout, and then use this information to curate your clients' workouts based on the way they use them.

Why Is This Feature So Valuable To You?

Because when you look at these insights, you can get a much better idea of how your clients are using your workouts.

It's like having a crystal ball! Use those insights to customize your clients' workouts and your services will be worth so much more to your clients. That means you can offer higher-priced packages that your clients will feel are really worth the investment.

How Can I Access Workout Insights?

When you see a completed workout on your timeline, click the "Insight" button to generate a report.

How Can I Provide Higher Value Services Using Workout Insights?

When you use workout insights to see what is working for your clients and what isn't, your services are more valuable to your clients.

For example, if you notice that a client is pausing and rewinding on particular exercises, you'll know your client may need support with these exercises. It's a great reason to check in with some meaningful messages, and that's super-important, because communication is what drives meaningful relationships.

If you notice that a client is fast forwarding through a lot of exercises, you'll know that they don't work for that client, and you can adjust the fitness routine so it DOES work for your client.

How Can I Add This As A Service In My Training Packages?

Present it as a special service that's available in higher value personal training packages. When you build your packages, the higher-priced, more personalized packages might offer this, for example:

Workout evaluations. I'll review insights on each workout you complete, provide support where I see you need it, and adjust your routine so it's perfectly curated for you.