Save Time + Offer More
Value With Workout Reports 
What Are Workout Reports?
They're reports you can generate in the TWM Pro app to tell you:

(-) how many minutes your clients have spent working each muscle group in a specified number of days


(-) what percentage of your clients' workouts focused on each muscle group.
How Are Workout Reports Calculated?
Reports are calculated based on the exercises that your clients have completed.

If clients skip a workout, the exercises in that workout will NOT count towards their exercise report.

If clients complete part of a workout, then the exercises they completed will count towards the report. The exercises they skipped will not be included in the report.
Why Are Workout Reports Valuable?
Your clients hire you because they don't have the time, motivation, or expertise they need to manage their own fitness in a goal-oriented way.

They generally want you to tell them what they need to do, and then help make sure they DO IT so they feel confident that they'll see results.

These reports make it really easy for you to deliver that kind of fitness management.
Reports Add Value To Your Services
Use these reports to demonstrate your attention to detail and your expertise when you speak with clients!

Whether you connect with your clients via in-app messages, regular in-person or online sessions, or some other way, make sure to share the data from the reports with them.

Trainers who provide this kind of valuable information tend to have the most profitable businesses because the data they provide justifies the cost of their services.
How Do These Reports Add Value?
The reports will demonstrate several things to your clients:

(-) You're paying a lot of time and attention to their routines, and that shows that your services are worth the fees they're paying.

(-) IF they follow the plan, they'll cover all their areas of concern, and they WILL achieve their goals.

(-) Your services are worth your clients' investment, and you are providing the fitness management they want.
How Do The Reports Save Me Time?
You won't have to review individual workouts, one client at the time, and one workout at the time, to make sure you're developing plans that deliver.

Instead, you can choose a client, open a report, and see which muscle groups have been worked. You can also see which muscle groups NEED to be worked, and adjust the client's plan accordingly.