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TrainWithMe Brand Guidelines

By Rita Lee
February 28, 2019

We are very excited that many of our trainers are using our brand assets to promote their services!

We strive for brand consistency. When using our logo, we kindly ask you to download logos from this page and review the following dos and don'ts.


Our name is TrainWithMe.

Logo Downloads

Download blue logo: png or eps

Download reverse logo: png or eps

Logo Dos & Don'ts

Our logo includes both the glyph and wordmark.

DO use our blue logo on white or light color backgrounds whenever possible. Always keep enough space around our logo keep it uncluttered.

DO use our reverse logo on darker color backgrounds.

DO NOT add drop shadows, glows or other effects.

DO NOT rotate the logo.

DO NOT apply transparency or recolor for any reason.

DO NOT modify the logo in any way, such as using your own fonts.

If you have questions, don't be shy and reach out to us at