Welcome to the APT Equipment Page

If you are on this page, it is because your considering or are ready to invest in Anchor Point Training Gear.
I am a big fan of this fitness equipment as it delivers ... to everyone.

Old, Young, Experienced, Inexperienced, Athletic, not-athletic, it is ALL GOOD! This System works for everyone!

After clicking the link below, immediately click the "Shop" Menu on the APT website.

Among your options, the two main ones are:
"Home Training Package XL" $297. (Full Light and Heavy Band System (Perfect for beginner or advanced strength client, Multiple people and Families ... Kids love it too!)

"Home Training System Light" $197 (Full Light Band system, perfect for a beginner to anchored resistance training.)

My Training Philosophy

Hi, I am Mike D'Angelo.

I have been a personal trainer since 1994.Talking about human health and fitness is my favorite subject! I love what I do and have a lot of fun doing it. I operate online helping people of all backgrounds and experiences set and achieve their fitness goals.

My philosophy is simple. "When I do my job correctly, I work myself out of one."

This means, when you achieve your goals and understand what you need to do to maintain your health where you are most happy, you will no longer need my services.

My goal is to assist you in the lifestyle change and understanding to produce and sustain incredible health. Let's get started.

Mike D'

Want to TrainWithMe@BodyEvolver

You're going to love this APT equipment!

But here is the deal, the equipment only works if you use it! So let's get you on a program that makes sense based upon your goals and aspirations!

As you know, having a program to follow that has built in accountability, goes a really long way at actually getting results! So let's make it happen!

If you are already on the App, please message me through the App. For those who consult with me, this is my primary means of communication.

If you are not on the App yet, please reach out with any questions and or so I can send you a private invite to the training platform.

If you are ready for my baseline program which starts at $300 a month. This is my flat rate consulting fee for program design, communication and accountability. We will start with an initial Zoom. face to face meeting on the computer. From there, we will communicate via the app and have follow up phone calls when appropriate.
This program is actually billed at $75 a week as a general consulting fee, this fee is billed monthly.

We will communicate directly via the App. (Apple Platform only at this time) I will be able to send you custom workouts to follow and program them for you in a appropriate manner based upon where you are at and what you need to step your fitness forward.

Our client platform offers everything you need to be supported in your efforts to get fit and stay that way!
You are going to love it!

I look forward to connecting!


Mike D'Angelo
Exercise Physiologist / Personal Trainer