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The only fitness tool you will ever need.

Get the customized workouts, motivation and results you want from a personal trainer, delivered via the TrainWithMe app, at a price you can afford.

"Because of Mara and TrainWithMe, I am inspired each and every day to move forward on the road to healthy living – to be strong, flexible and fit – so that I can enjoy each and every day to the fullest."
Judy G., 65
"The amazing thing about this app is that Jeremias has been able to help me reach my goal without being next to me. I lost 70 pounds from May to November with Jeremias as my trainer!"
Stephany M., 26
"I thought I’d need more accountability than an app could offer but Cienna and I communicate about my progress and goals daily, which is something I wasn’t getting at the gym. Cienna is the best cheerleader anyone could ask for!"
Kelli A., 43
"After the workout I feel mentally relaxed. My body feels good and ready to start the day. The whole process is very straightforward. You can do it in the comfort of your home on your own schedule, and Mara follows up during the week to make sure the exercises are meeting your needs."
Stijn V., 53
"I have more energy and can sustain more physical activity than before starting the workout program. I also experience occasional joint pain due to some of my medications, but the workouts, especially the stretching, really help!"
Patty R., 52
"Thanks to Colin and TrainWithMe I was able to work out until the very last days of my pregnancy, which made my delivery faster and easier. Having the flexibility to work out from home at any time, and also having a knowledgeable trainer who is able to customize my workouts and make them fit into my lifestyle is priceless."
Jennifer F., 31


Advanced Biomarker + Fitness Lab

Powered by TrainWithMe + Brio Systems

Looking for the most cutting edge fitness program available online, personalized for you based on the results of your blood test? Then the Advanced Biomarker + Fitness Lab is for you.

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TrainWithMe Delivers

Personalized daily workouts based on your goals and lifestyle.

Your trainer will deliver custom video workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere, using any Apple device.

Quick, effective fitness routines.

Our trainers understand that your time is valuable. Whether you have ten minutes or an hour, your trainer will design a fitness routine to meet your specific goals.

Accountability and results.

Startup consults, regular workouts, phone or video check-ins, and chat options allow trainers to keep you accountable. You’ll get the attention you deserve on the schedule you want with the motivation you need.


Today, tomorrow, and next year, TrainWithMe is here to help you develop a relationship with a personal trainer who will tailor a routine based on your goals that addresses your priorities as they evolve.

Affordability. No excuses.

For the first time ever, we are making your personalized daily fitness habit not only achievable, but affordable. Your personalized TrainWithMe workouts cost less than your daily coffee run.

Specialty training.

Our trainers have experience in every fitness specialty you can imagine. Have an injury to address before you can exercise for wellness? TrainWithMe trainers with expertise addressing aches and pain will help get you back on track.

How It Works

Choose a trainer.

Browse our trainers’ profiles, choose the best match and click the Sign Up link on your trainer’s personal page to create an account.

Share your fitness goals.

Schedule an in-person video chat or phone call and tell your TrainWithMe personal trainer what you want to accomplish.

Receive customized video workouts.

Open the app to see workouts designed just for you!

Give feedback.

Interact with your trainer using likes and comments so your fitness routine can constantly be improved – based on your input.

Get results.

Your success is our success. Personalized workouts delivered on your schedule lead to healthy habits so you can see tangible results – fast!

TrainWithMe for Trainers

Get more clients, build lasting relationships, and make more money.

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“I like this app so much because it is functional and extremely personalized but also low cost. You are able to choose between a wide array of personal trainers and I believe this is perfect for sticking to any kind of fitness resolutions! Check this one out for sure!”

– Jennifer Cohen for Forbes

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