It's Fast. It's Convenient. It's In-App Scheduling, And You Need To Try It!

If you're not using our in-app scheduling tool, you should be.

Keep scrolling for full tutorials on how it works for you as a trainer AND your clients, and then listen in for some really compelling reasons to use it.

Even if you're reluctant to try something new, I guarantee you're going to want to give this a try!

How To Request A Date And Time From A Client

It all starts with a Special Request message from your trainer timeline.

Get the full tutorial in this video.

What Your Requests Look Like In The Client Timeline

It's important to understand how your clients can interact with your requests, so be sure to check out this video demonstration about how your clients can respond to your scheduling requests.

Confirming Your Clients' Scheduling Requests

Once your clients respond to your request, you'll need to either:

(-) Accept their requests
(-) Respond if the request doesn't work for you

It's critical that you respond to each request so that your clients know if your confirmed or not.

Click play for all the details.

Your Client's Schedule Confirmation

Once you've accepted a schedule request from a client, your client will receive a timeline notification indicating that your appointment is confirmed.

You'll want to understand what your client sees when you've confirmed an appointment, so watch this video demonstration.

Adding An Appointment To Your Apple Calendar

It's easy for you and your clients to add a confirmed appointment to your Apple calendar. And that's important, because when it's easy, it gets done!

Watch the video to learn how you and your clients can tap a confirmed date and time to create an Apple calendar event.

Why Change The Way You Schedule?

You're probably used to using texts, emails, or phone calls to schedule appointments. If that's working, why make a change?

We've got lots of important reasons that you may not have thought of. Listen in on these audio messages for all the reasons why in-app scheduling saves time and a whole lot of frustration!

It's An Easy Way To Add Client Value

The more often you interact with your clients using the app, the more value you offer your clients. And adding extra value leads to increased client loyalty.

Curious about how you can add value using the TrainWithMe scheduling tool? Press play for some ideas!

Building Positive Client Habits

We've said it before and we'll say it again...the more often you can get your clients to open the app, the more success they'll have as they navigate their fitness journeys!

Curious about that? Listen in and we'll explain.

Keep Your Confirmations In ONE Place!

Want to avoid having to sort through emails, text messages, and voice mails when you need to confirm an appointment? Schedule in the app and your timeline filter will store every appointment for you.

Boom. Problem solved!

Fewer Missed Appointments

When you schedule appointments in the app, you can long press on a confirmed date and time to add it to your iPhone calendar. The same goes for your clients.

That's a convenience you're not going to want to pass up!

No More Excuses!

It can be tough working with clients who have a bad track record for missing appointments. But with a list of confirmed appointments in the client app, there are no more excuses for that!