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Greater productivity. Better retention. Improved morale. One incredible wellness benefit that really delivers.

Active employees are more productive employees. They tend to have fewer sick days, better productivity, improved retention, higher morale, a more engaged culture and greater overall workplace satisfaction. If you could offer reasonably priced personal fitness training to your employees, wouldn’t you be interested?

How does it work?

TrainWithMe Group Training

  • Our trainers will send daily workouts and quick challenges to each member of your team throughout the week via the TrainWithMe app. All team members all receive the same fitness routine and they can choose to work out together or separately – anywhere, anytime, using any Apple device.
  • Group training workouts are designed based on your direction. We can develop ergonomic routines to alleviate pain that may develop from sitting at a desk, stretching routines to relieve tension, cardio options to energize, or a variety of workouts based on your team’s preferences. Not sure what you should offer? That’s OK! Our professional trainers can help develop the right routine for your team. experience
  • Your team members can stay in touch with their trainer via TrainWithMe messaging to stay motivated, share accomplishments and work through challenges.
  • The benefit to you? You’ve engaged your workforce. Offering a new health benefit fosters wellness, encourages employees to share a common goal and enhances loyalty.
  • Do any of your employees have an injury or pain to address? As a startup bonus, we can offer them a free one-week trial of personalized training with one of our corrective exercise specialists to address specific challenges.

TrainWithMe Personal Training

  • Your employees schedule one-on-one video chats or phone calls to share their fitness goals with their trainer.
  • Employees receive personalized workouts based on their schedules and their priorities via the TrainWithMe app. Workouts may be delivered as often as daily if they’d like, and the length may vary from, for example, 10 minutes to a full hour. The workouts are personalized based on each person’s individual goals, so every employee’s fitness routine will be custom.
  • Your employees share feedback with their trainer using so their routines can continually be adjusted based on their preferences. TrainWithMe makes interacting with your trainer easy!
  • Get results. Your employees get workouts that fits into their individual lifestyles, so they’ll get the results they want – fast!
  • Create loyalty. As the employer, you can offer a low cost wellness benefit that is incredibly personal to each employee. By encouraging a lifestyle that results in healthier employees, you ultimately contribute to your bottom line.

In-Personal Training

    Our trainers are available to teach classes at your facility in select locations in the U.S., including the Greater Boston area, Providence, Rhode Island and Greenwich, Connecticut.

    What does it cost?

      Flexible plans allow you to choose an option that fits into your budget.

      Some employers choose to subsidize plans. You can offer full or partial TrainWithMe subsidies to your employees.

      Rates vary based on the training style and the number of employees. Interested in creating a plan designed especially for your team? Email us at