You're Going To Love On Demand Reservations...
We guarantee it! Keep scrolling for more on why you're going to want to work On Demand Reservations into your scheduling flow.
It Opens Up New Opportunities
In-person training is very personal when you're in session, but that's usually only once or twice a week max.

When you use TrainWithMe to manage scheduling and billing for in-person only clients, it opens up a space where you can message your clients regularly. And that helps build the most long-term, meaningful relationships.

And when you build those kind of relationships, you open yourself up to new opportunities to expand your business. It may mean that your in-person client wants to add online training to their routine, or it may mean that they feel more connected to you, and they want to refer friends and family.

There is so much opportunity!
It's Convenient
It all happens right in the TrainWithMe app, so you don't have to log in and out of a third party payment app to request payment once an appointment is confirmed.
It's Fast
In fact, it's the fastest way to schedule and get paid.

And best of all, you since the payment request is automatically sent to your client once the appointment is confirmed, it takes billing off your hands.

Let's face it...none of us are going to miss taking time to do administrative stuff, right?
It's Secure
Since our payments are powered by Stripe, you can feel good knowing that any payment you process on TrainWithMe is always going to be secure.
It's Organized
When you process payments on TrainWithMe, you keep your income in one place, separated from personal expenses you may be processing on apps like Venmo and PayPal.

That make it a whole lot easier to keep track of what you're earning from your training business, and separate your business and personal finances.
It's Integrated
You asked for a place where you can manage every aspect of your in-person AND online training business.

This feature makes that possible, because we know nobody wants to juggle a bunch of different platforms to manage different parts of their businesses. It's GOT to be easy so you can focus your time on helping your clients instead of drowning in scheduling and billing.