Introduction to July Fitness Challenge!

Developed by Jeremias Campos, latino fitness entrepreneur, Suave Fitness was created to empower others to take action to become healthier human beings.

Companies like Salesforce, Dell, KIPP Foundation, Mass Mutual, etc. have utilized Suave Fitness fitness services to provide stress relief and an opportunity to improve day to day life.

How to Join?

Instructions on How To Receive Complementary Fitness Plan!

Iphone user:
  1. Choose complementary plan! 
  2. Create account! 
  3. Follow directions sent via email to download app & gain access to workouts. 

Android and/or Laptop: 
  1. Choose complementary plan! 
  2. Create account! 
  3. Go on to access workouts via android and/or laptop.

Any Questions, Concerns, Etc.?

Complementary 30 Day Virtual Fitness Challenge!

Available for 1st 20 individuals who sign up! 

  • VIrtual workouts 
  • Available on iphone, android and/or laptop

Sign Up For Reserved Virtual Fitness Class w/ Jeremias!