Special Requests For Payments

There are two special request options that allow you to collect payments right in the app:

(-) The payment feature allows you to request to a one-time payment from a current TrainWithMe client.

(-) On Demand Reservations allow you to schedule an appointment with a current TrainWithMe client AND automatically process a one-time payment when the appointment is confirmed.

How To Send A Special Request For Payment In The App

Take a look at this demo and then give it a try so you can see why you'll never want to juggle with a separate payment app again.

It's much easier managing every aspect of your business all in one place...and the one place where you can do that is TrainWithMe!

Requesting Payments With On Demand Reservations

You asked, and we answered! On Demand Reservations are here because so many of our trainers requested it, and the feedback has been amazing.

This feature lets you schedule an appointment with a client, and once the appointment has been confirmed, TrainWithMe automatically sends a billing notice to your client's timeline. Collecting payment doesn't get any easier than that!

Check out all the details in the link below.

Why Use Special Requests For Payments And Reservations??

It's E A S Y!

It's S E C U R E.

It opens up O P P O R T U N I T I E S...
so you can connect with in-person clients on the app.

It's C O N V E N I E N T!

It's F A S T!

It's O R G A N I Z E D.

It's I N T E G R A T E D with the rest of your TrainWithMe workflow.

It takes the focus off of administrative stuff so you and your client can do the important stuff.

And it eliminates the need to wait for payments and to collect late payments. Your time is valuable...we want to make sure you have the tools you need to get paid!

Special Requests Are Impossible For Your Current Clients To Miss

Since Special Request messages create a blue banner at the top of your clients' timelines, they'll never miss these requests.

Compare that to a text that gets lost in a stream of many messages, or that gets overlooked as soon as it's been opened.

Or an email that goes to a junk folder, or also gets lost in a flood of email.

Special Request messages help you avoid all of these possibilities so you can collect payments efficiently!