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Healthkit Troubleshooting

By Team TWM
February 28, 2019

Help! My step count and walk/run distance look suspiciously off. How can I fix this?

First and foremost, BE PROUD of your commitment! Being aware of your daily movement is a huge step in taking care of your health and wellness. Paying attention to your total activity is part of what makes personal training WORK, and your trainer is happy to know that you care.

When you set up your TrainWithMe account, we asked for permission to access your Apple HealthKit data, including active energy, walking + running distance, workouts, date of birth, sex, and steps. If you gave us permission to read this data, we can display it in the TWM app so you can use TWM to get a more complete view of your daily activity.

We depend on the accuracy of the HealthKit data from Apple to deliver step count and walk + run distance, but as you know, any technology is susceptible to occasional glitches. You’re not the first TWM user to experience this problem. If your step count and/or walk + run distance are inaccurate, you will need to delete suspicious data from your Apple HealthKit.

Not feeling so tech savvy? Don’t worry! This problem is easily fixed, and we’re going to walk you through the repair process.

To eliminate inaccurate Apple HealthKit data, follow these steps:

1. Open your Apple HealthKit app.

2. Tap the category with suspicious data. In our example, we have elevated step counts on certain days, so we’re using step count here.

3. Tap Show All Data

4. Tap Edit in the upper right corner and locate the incorrect data

5. Swipe left to reveal the Delete button, then press Delete. The incorrect data will disappear. Scroll up and down, deleting all suspicious data.

6. Tap Done in the upper right corner.

7. If you find any additional inconsistencies, repeat these repair steps.

Way to go! Your HealthKit is now accurate, and you can feel proud of a job well done. Your training success is all about your motivation and commitment, so let’s move on to a workout. Your trainer is waiting. Ready...set...go!