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What to Expect

We'll meet on Zoom, at the time you select using my scheduling link.

You'll perform a few simple exercises so I can assess your movement patterns.

I'll take screenshots to identify your strengths and weaknesses, including faulty movement patterns and possible issues you have with flexibility, balance, stability, and mobility. 
I'll share your results. You'll get personalized line drawings, created with the screenshots I take during your assessment, that do two very important things: help me customize your most effective personal training plan, and give you visual insight to help you understand your starting point.

I'll suggest your ideal training plan. It's the roadmap that will help you build a strong foundation that will alleviate any existing aches and pains, strengthen your body, and minimize your risk of injuries.

There's No Risk!

Your initial assessment is free, and the results are yours to keep, regardless of what plan you choose. There's nothing to lose and a lot of great insight to gain.