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Train well. Eat well. Feel well. Look great. Fitness can be your passion. I’m here to help. Train with me.

TWM grants the freedom of a daily personal trainer in the palm of your hand, and Jeremias’s clients have taken TWM to the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Asia.

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My Services

6-month commitment
3-month commitment
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Platinum Private
$63/week +
$100(x) session
Sessions expire every 30 days. Packages sold in 4, 8, 12 and 16 sessions.
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Monthly In-Person Sessions
4, 8, 12, 16 sessions with expiration date
To find out more, connect with me at contactsuavefitness@gmail.com

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Did you know that the average American personal training client pays over $378 per month (plus gym membership)?

Specialized Fitness Plans

Shred and Gain 101
Do you feel like you spend endless hours at the gym trying to determine what to do to reduce fat and increase strength? As a fitness specialist, I’m here to create a plan that keeps you motivated and helps you accomplish your goals. Shred and Gain 101 will focus on:

  • Decreasing body fat and increasing muscle
  • Toning your body so you see the results you desire
  • Building progressive routines so workouts continuously change as your body gets stronger
  • Whole-body strength training that will add muscle to strengthen and support your body
  • Tips for building cardiovascular endurance for heart health and longevity

Muscle Build
Do you want to build muscle but feel stuck in a plateau? This plan is designed to help clients grow into their ideal body image. The key to building muscle is maintaining consistency with your fitness routine and varying your techniques that will continuously drive you to new limits. The Muscle Build program will focus on:

  • Using the equipment you have at home or the gym to test your body safely and effectively
  • Reducing fat and building muscle strength and size
  • Targeting the specific areas you want to strengthen and tone
  • Additional training methods can be added to customize your routine and meet your goals

Glute Build
Scientific studies have shown that women with a better waist-to-hip ratio have better health. The Glute Build program will focus on:

  • Enhancing glute and leg strength and flexibility
  • Incorporating whole-body exercises so that you are continuously challenged as you get stronger
  • Cardiovascular, flexibility and other training methods can be added to the program to meet your personal goals

Healthy Lifestyle 101
This plan helps clients maintain and improve their metabolism, strength, flexibility, mobility and balance as they age. No matter your situation, I can create a workout routine that addresses your specific health issues, injuries, and concerns with a safe and effective workout. Healthy Lifestyle 101 is designed to:

  • Strengthen your body to prevent the risk of injuries
  • Reduce or eliminate pain that can develop from lack of strength, balance and movement
  • Develop and maintain fitness now so you can avoid spending time and money treating physical and mental health issues later

One-on-One Personal Training
Available in the Boston, Massachusetts area

  • In-person rates are $55/half hour; $80/45 minutes; $100/hour
  • Book appointments at suavefitness.com
  • (Personal training sessions/packages can be combined with a TrainWithMe subscription for best results)

Achieve More

FREE Corporate Challenge Programs
The healthier the team is the better the productivity will be!

  • 30- or 60-day corporate fitness programs designed for team-building
  • At home or gym-based routines designed for all fitness levels
  • Participants get unrestricted access to in-app trainer messaging for support
  • In-person assessments to ensure proper form/technique and track progress
  • Complete with cash and personal training prize packages

My Background / Experience

About Me

Since receiving my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Keene State College, educating others on finding which strategies (in and out of gym) and exercise is best for others has been a passion!

I've dedicated time to help thousands on how to overcome potential hurdles and reach health and fitness goals.

I empower individuals of all fitness levels with my customized programs that strategically fit their lifestyle. The results my clients receive is what drives me to continue influencing and spreading my fitness knowledge to others.

I move to inspire others to move. My goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. I believe that health is wealth and we should all cherish what we have and protect our bodies as we would an investment. My training style involves combining functional and dynamic movements with athletic intensity to generate safe, effective workouts.

I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts and in my free time I enjoy running, basketball, baseball and soccer.

Hablo Español.

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