Hi, I am

Mike Fraz

What is the one thing I truly believe in? Feeling great. Let’s work together to find you “why” and put it front and center as we develop a fulfilling and achievable wellness plan.

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Growing up I was overly concerned with the opinions of other people, always trying to please my parents, my coaches, and my peers. I found my peace in sports because I was a good athlete and because I found comfort in being part of a team. I was blessed enough to receive a full football scholarship to Appalachian State University but little did I know those challenges I faced in my youth were just beginning.

Instead of focusing on myself and my goals, I focused on things that did not help me achieve my goals. Life wasn’t working out the way I hoped, and I struggled to stay on the right path. As I realized I wasn’t living the life that I wanted to live, I also began to realize that I needed to reach inside myself and make a big change. This is when I discovered the overwhelming joy in helping others.

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life not only because of my involvement in sports, but because of the bond I formed with my father in the gym. When his health declined and his body wouldn’t allow him to do what he used to do, he made me promise that I would always take care of my body. Just as I made that promise to him, I want to make a promise to you.

I will not let you fail. I know what it’s like to feel down, out and alone, and I am here to guide you away from that feeling. I will provide the ultimate support on your fitness journey, and together we will not only improve your physical health and wellbeing, but also make sure you have the tools you need to continue to improve and evolve in all aspects of your life.

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