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Shauntel Farland

I will help you embody the habits and mindset you need to maintain wellness for life!

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As humans, we are complex. There’s more to our being than just our appearance, our weight and our body shape. If you are you looking for a holistic, weight-neutral approach to fitness, nutrition and overall wellbeing, you’ve found the right trainer!

As the research shows, 95% of diets fail and most people who diet gain more weight back than they initially lose. Rather than focusing on reducing the number on the scale as a temporary fix to health, my goal is to help you embody the habits and mindset you need to maintain wellness for life.

We’ll begin by defining what health means to you and then develop a step-by-step action plan and implement achievable goals to work towards your ideal lifestyle. During our weekly calls, we will check in to discuss any obstacles or roadblocks you may have faced and find solutions that work for you. If things are going well, we can begin to implement further goals.

If you’re sick of quick fixes, ready and committed to making real transformative change, I’d be honored to work with you. We’d be a powerful team.


$75/month for base service



In the past, I struggled with emotional eating, depression, financial insecurity, negative self-talk, body image issues, and even a binge eating disorder. I was in a place in my life where I had to handle these hardships alone, but these struggles have given me the wisdom and knowledge to ensure that my clients won’t have to. I understand how hard it is. I understand that change is difficult and this understanding allows me to deeply connect with my clients to spark immense transformation.

My role as a health and fitness professional is to ensure you feel supported in your journey towards a rich and fulfilling lifestyle through unconditional acceptance and trust. My goal is to help you acquire the tools you need to independently manage your own health and growth. And my ultimate dream is to help you fill your own self with so much love, knowledge, and care that your abundance may spill over into the lives of others and benefit them too.

Nothing fills my heart more than knowing I have the opportunity to change lives everyday through my work. I hope that together we can build the mindset and habits you need to progress in all facets of your being, ultimately guiding you towards a life of health, love, and abundance.

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