Hi, I am

Dr. Stefanie Rousselle

I combine my knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines to prescribe extremely unique fitness programs.

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$100/month for base service



My specialty is working with clients that are currently injured, were previously injured, or want to prevent causing injury. I will treat clients with an injury, then work with them to bridge the gap between ending physical therapy and starting personal training. I will slowly progress the client from PT rehabilitation, to a light exercise program, to a full body workout. I also specialize in working with the elderly population.

Personally, I've grown to love running after completing 12 Marathons including Boston (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017), Chicago (2013), Maine (2014), Philly (2014), NYC (2015), London (2016), Baystate (2016) & Berlin (2017).

Growing up, I was involved in competitive gymnastics and all-star cheerleading. Currently, I enjoy running, yoga, cooking, spending time with my puppy, family and friends, and living a happy & healthy lifestyle.

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