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5 Common Personal Trainer Lies

I’m a trainer who doesn’t lie, and here are my 5 best tips for identifying a bad personal trainer who isn’t being honest with you.

How To Track Fitness Progress When You Want To Toss Your Scale

Scales lie, so why not say goodbye to them and use body composition tracking to measure your progress more accurately? Here’s how to get started!

3 Tips To Help You Jumpstart A New Fitness Routine

Struggling to start an exercise routine? I’ve trained hundreds of clients, and these three tips prove to be the most helpful ones to set you up for success.

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Mara Machado
Pain relief for you so that you can enjoy life
When you’re in pain, it tends to interfere with everything you do. Even things we tend to take for granted, like getting dressed, sitting down, and even sleeping, can be painfully difficult, which can lead to isolation and even depression. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

As a corrective exercise specialist, I develop gentle exercise routines to help you get back to everyday life. I’ve worked with hundreds of people to alleviate normal aches and pains, and I can help you too.
Schedule your free pain relief assessment
Getting started is as simple as scheduling an assessment so I can help identify the root of your pain and create a mobility plan that helps alleviate it.

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Jason Joyce
I think about my clients’ needs even more than they do
Some trainers build training plans that are based on their areas of expertise, and not their clients’ needs. I know that your personal training plan needs to focus on your starting point, your goals, your pain points, and your preferences. It won’t work if it’s not all about you.

My plans all start with a 1-on-1 body mechanics assessment to evaluate your mobility, flexibility, stability, balance, and strength so we can identify your baseline needs. We’ll be in touch every day so I can help you become stronger and more balanced, relieve your aches and pains, and make sure you’re constantly progressing.
Reserve your free body mechanics assessment
The roadmap to your customized personal training plan is just a few clicks away.

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Cienna Jade
Are you frustrated by the number on the scale?
I’ve worked with so many clients who have put in the hard work only to be frustrated by the dreaded number on the scale, and then they give up. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, because I’ve got a better way to measure fitness results.

It starts with a body composition report that identifies more targeted numbers, like your personal fat to muscle ratio. I’ve seen hundreds of clients succeed by implementing the right fitness + nutrition plan and tracking their personal body composition data to get results that make them proud, so I know it will work for you.
Sign up for your free body composition report
Fill out the form to get your free body composition report. It’s the most important first step on your journey to long-term success.
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We Offer Corporate And Residential Fitness Services Too!
Hi, I'm Colin Comee
I've managed corporate and residential fitness plans for 10+ years, and I specializes in customizing wellness plans with an ROI that can be measured in extraordinary engagement and participation.

My team of trainers and specialists focuses on fitness, ergonomics and pain relief, and one-on-one communication, with a combination of in-person and online services to reach each employee personally every day.
Corporate fitness plans with Colin Comee
How It Works
1-on-1 personal training reinvented
Get a personal training plan custom built to match your goals, preferences, and schedule. Workout with your trainer in person, have workouts delivered to your phone + computer, or choose both.
Custom training plans delivered to your phone
Train in-person and online
Plans that make sense
Real trainers, available in-person and online, who really care about your success. And just like in-person training, pricing is based on the time your trainer spends working with you and your plan.
Daily support and communication
Whether you need answers to questions, a pat on the back, help relieving everyday aches and pains, nutrition tips, or a little motivation, you’ll be in touch with your trainer regularly (and not just at in-person sessions!).
Daily support and communication on the TrainWithMe app
Trainers you can trust
Trainers you can trust
Our trainers are highly specialized in their fields with 10+ years of experience, proven track records, and clients who are proud enough to speak up about their successes.
World class technology
The TrainWithMe platform helps our trainers personally guide you with their own audio and video, collect feedback to optimize your plan, schedule quickly and easily, and get to know you like family.
TrainWithMe platform helps trainers customize and optimize plans for clients
The pain miraculously disappeared
At 70 years old, I am in pretty good shape, people think I am in my 50s, but I had a nagging pain in my left shoulder. The doctor wanted to inject cortisone, the chiropractor would fix it but it would recur... Mara is the first one who assessed it correctly. She devised exercises to release my shoulder blade area and the pain in the front miraculously disappeared!

- F.B. (Switzerland)
Life changing
I want to share what Jason helped inspired me to do...I'm down to 233 (at least 30 lbs off my high), I did 1,200 push ups in April. I've been doing some workouts and working in all the things you taught me. I've found life again.

- Rick Bates, CEO of RxSense and SingleCare
30-year old back problem cured
- Larry B.
40+ years of back pain is gone!
I had immense benefits after starting to do the exercises with Mara. One of the most important benefits is that I have had back pain at the end of my spine for almost 40 years, and with the exercises that Mara gives me, I no longer have any pain. I can reach my toes with my hands, something I had never achieved before. I have a much healthier life.

- Regina O.
Mara helped put me in control
I have suffered with chronic neck pain for quite some time. After working with Mara on a plan and consistently doing the stretches that she recommended, I have no more neck pain. If I feel that I have any pain coming on, I just go to my assigned workouts and do the exercises. Mara has been a great help to me in helping to strengthen my muscles and keeping on an exercise routine.

- Leanne L.
Bye-bye elbow pain
- Rachel B.
Highly recommend
Wow, this app was so helpful in getting me to realize how I need to work on consistency with working out. It really has a great and easy interface that is super friendly to use. Shout out to Cienna for the amazing challenges using the app. I'm obsessed!

- Kate E.
A program that suited me
- John C.
I feel I am working with a combination of physical therapist and trainer
Jason is so knowledgeable that I feel I am working with a combination of physical therapist and trainer. He was able to accurately assess imbalances in my body and then begin to address them. I have quickly seen results that I am confident will lead to better posture, flexibility and strength.

- Guillermo S.
Amazing workout program
Since I can't train in person with Cienna, she created an amazing program for me to do at the gym in my building... Cienna has been more than supportive to help me achieve my fitness goals. She made sure I understood how to do each exercise... we video chatted to talk about what would fit into my schedule and be best for what I wanted to achieve. Cienna is truly a ray of sunshine and I fully recommend her!

- Callie W.