5 Simple Changes To Eliminate Neck Pain Today
Mara Machado
When’s the last time you heard someone say, “My neck hurts, and it’s going to be a great day!”

Never? Right. Because nobody likes pain. Nobody.

The funny thing about pain is that it can make the most mundane tasks feel impossibly difficult.

Like that moment when you look down to check a text message, only to feel a dull ache radiate through your neck. It’s just not fun.

Most of us don’t think about that pain until we’re desperate for help. In 10 years as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I’ve received hundreds of calls from people who are deep into that pain who just don’t know what to do.

I know how awful that is. But with the right preventative strategies, you don’t have to ever get to that point.

I hear you saying, “Mara, I get a crick in my neck every week. I just can’t make it go away.”

The pain can go away, and if you stick with me, you will. Let’s start with these 5 tips:
Avoid Sitting For Too Long

Whether you’re working at a computer, watching tv, or anything else, sitting for a long time puts a lot of stress on your neck. That causes neck and shoulder pain, so set a reminder for hourly movement breaks.

Stretch And Move Daily

Nobody has perfect posture, and that’s a common cause of neck pain. Simple stretches, like the one in the video here, can actually improve your posture and go a long way in relieving your neck pain.

Do Mobility Exercises

Mobility exercises are like preventative maintenance for your body. Done regularly, neck, hip, and spinal mobility exercises alleviate pain and decrease your risk of injury over time.

Use the Right Pillow

We all want a comfy pillow, but did you know that the right pillow keeps your head in line with your spine? Positioning your head too high or too low causes that nagging pain you want to prevent.
Don't Look Down At Your Phone

Looking down is a lot of work for your neck muscles, so using computers and cell phones creates sore, tired muscles. Prevent this pain before it begins by holding your cell phone at eye level to maintain the normal curvature of your neck.

I hear you again. “These are all great tips, Mara, but I need a little more help.”

Don’t worry. As a pain relief professional, it’s my true privilege to help. That’s why I offer a free assessment, with no strings attached.

If all this sounds painfully familiar, reserve your free assessment now, while it’s fresh on your mind. There’s absolutely nothing to lose (except, of course, that awful pain in your neck.)
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