How to Create a Special Request Message

When you send a Special Request message, your client will know that a response is important. This helps with motivation and accountability.

Watch the video to learn how to use the feature.

How Your Clients Receive & Respond to Special Request Messages

Curious to see what a Special Request message looks like for your clients?

Click play to see how they can respond.

Adding Special Request Messages to Programs

You're not going to want to miss this demo, where we talk about what kind of messages to add to your programs, how to schedule them, and why they belong in every program. Yes, all of them!

If you're not using special request messages in your programs, TODAY is the day to start.

Using The Special Request Filter To View Responses

When you're using Special Request messages, it's important to make sure you review your client responses.

And that's why we have a Special Request Response timeline filter. So it's always easy to go back to your client responses to review data.

When you use Special Requests, it's a good idea to review this filter regularly so you don't miss important client feedback.

Watch the video for a demo!