Drive Accountability + Success With Special Requests

Special requests help provide accountability and stimulate conversations, and that means two things:

(-) Your clients will be more likely to achieve their goals.

(-) Your services are worth more money, and your clients will feel the value.

Why They're Important

Your clients pay you to manage their fitness and wellness journey so they don't have to think about how to do that. They just open the app, engage with you, and keep their plans simple and do-able, and achieve their goals.

Special request messages help because they are bookmarked as important. They're easy for clients. They indicate that your clients are important to you, and that you care about being present and staying in touch.

They go a long way in creating value and keeping your clients engaged. If you're not using special request messages, keep reading. Why? Because it's time to start, N O W!

They're Also Impossible To Miss!

Since Special Request messages create a blue banner at the top of your clients' timelines, they'll never miss these requests.

Compare that to a text that gets lost in a stream of many messages, or that gets overlooked as soon as it's been opened.

Or an email that goes to a junk folder, or also gets lost in a flood of email.

Special Request messages help you avoid all of these possibilities so you can communicate, schedule, and collect payments efficiently!

What Are Good Uses for Special Request Messages?

Special Request messages are perfect for the times when you need to get importnt information from your clients, like:

(-) a daily nutritional diary

(-) a video of a client doing an exercise, so you can assess form (pictured below)

(-) an audio message about how your client is feeling

(-) payments and pre-paid reservations

(-) testimonials

It's a win-win. When you hold your clients accountable for sharing these messages, they'll appreciate your commitment and see more value in your services.

You'll get the information you need to help your clients accomplish their goals. And everyone succeeds!

Special Requests For Payment

You'll notice there is a special request for payments, and it's a very convenient way to make sure your payment requests don't get overlooked.

Learn all about how and why to use this tool in the link below.

All About On Demand Reservations

On Demand Reservations are a convenient way to schedule an appointment and send a payment request for that session all in one step. It's quick and easy for you, and it's a great way to collect payment before your in-person session, FaceTime or Zoom session occurs.

Trust us, you're going to want all the details on this because it's a great workflow tool. Click the link below for more!

Using Special Requests for Nutrition Support

Are you offering nutrition support? If so, daily special request messages are a great way to remind clients to send screenshots of their nutrition diaries. (Sidenote: We like tracking on the MyPlate app.)

This is particularly helpful as your clients are trying to get into the habit of daily nutrition tracking, or to encourage clients to prioritize daily tracking if they don't yet appreciate the difference it can make in modifying their habits.

Here's a sample of what a daily nutrition support special request message might look like in your clients' app. You'll want to make sure to require an image so your clients remember to include the screenshot in their reply messages.

Using Special Requests for Weekly Weigh-Ins

If you're working with a client on a weight management program, scheduling weekly special request messages to get weigh-ins helps make sure you get the information you need to help your client stay on track. And that's key to success!

One way to make these messages super simple? Add them to a program so they're scheduled each week. That makes getting the information you need to track progress as easy as possible!

Our special request feature makes getting body weight super easy. Just open a message, turn on the special request toggle, and select the body weight data request type. Your client's message will show up with a blue response required header requesting body weight.

Using Special Requests for Scheduling

If you're offering combination in-person and online services, or if you want to schedule phone calls or FaceTime sessions, Special Request messages are a great tool!

Since these messages are highlighted on your clients' timelines, your clients won't miss them, and scheduling is a breeze.

If you schedule sessions or phone calls on a regular schedule, like once a week or once a month, you can set a special request up in programs so your scheduling will be on the TrainWithMe version of auto-pilot. It doesn't get easier than that!

Using Special Request Messages for Workout Accountability

We talk a lot about how our clients don't really hire us just for workouts...they're willing to pay for our services because they recognize that they need a lot of help with accountability.

Special request messages are GREAT for accountability!

If you have a clients who wants to get consistent with their exercise habits, it's a great idea to program daily messages asking them to respond once they've completed their workouts.

This way, they can't ignore their workouts when they open the app because they can't ignore your special request!

Here's a sample of what that special request message might look like.