How Semi-Private Training Sessions Can Increase Revenue Without Killing Your Private Training Business

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Does the thought of offering semi-private training give you anxiety about cannibalizing your private training business?

On the one hand, it obviously makes sense that offering more services can maximize revenue.

On the other, though, what if offering semi-private sessions shifts people away from your private training business? 

Listen to me as I shout it from the rooftops: semi-private training absolutely does not cannibalize your private training business. It actually complements it. 

Think of it this way: some clients prefer the individual attention and customized workouts of private sessions, while others prefer the motivation and energy that comes from working out with a group in semi-private sessions. 

By offering both options, you cater to different types of clients, which ultimately increases your overall revenue. 

There is actually a very symbiotic relationship with private and semi-private training. Here's why: 

  • Some want to do both private and semi-private to maximize accountability and stretch their dollar

  • Some move between the two as their needs and priorities change

  • Some will reach their goal with private training but still want the accountability of semi-private

  • Some non-training members see both options and love the vibe or want to get the same great results, so they'll try one or even both

  • And the list of "why's" just goes on and on and on...

Here's another way to look at it. Imagine you're a pizza shop owner. You offer both cheese and pepperoni pizzas. 

Just because some people prefer pepperoni over cheese, it doesn't mean they're not going to come to your pizza shop. 

In fact, by offering both options, you're increasing the chances of them coming to your pizza shop because now they know they can get exactly what they want. 

The same goes for personal training. By offering both private and semi-private sessions, you're increasing the chances of clients choosing your gym because now they know they can get the type of training that best suits their needs. 

Plus, offering semi-private sessions can actually lead to more private sessions in the long run. 

Why? Because when clients work out together in a group, they can motivate and push each other, which can ultimately lead to better results. 

And when clients see the results they're getting, they may be more inclined to book private sessions to further personalize their workouts and reach for bigger goals. 

Bottom Line: Offering private and semi-private training helps you become known for providing a full range of support, and let's face it, that's huge when it comes to health maintenance. By catering to many types of clients, you're increasing your overall revenue and creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment in your gym.

So, go ahead and offer those semi-private sessions. But since we're in it for the results, just maybe don't serve pizza on the side. 

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