As AI evolves, gyms and trainers must consider the possibility of Chat GPT stealing clients. We tested Chat GPT workouts, so check out the competition here.
In this experiment, Chat GPT shared the most important part of being a personal trainer, and why AI can't replace gyms & fitness professionals. Grab the details here.
Grab our easy-to-follow pricing model for semi-private fitness training that keeps clients happy and brings in more gym revenue.
It's not clear if AI can replace trainers & gym owners, but I think if we provide great client experiences, we'll be alright. Are you prepared?
Gym cancellation policy shouldn't feel like a bad breakup. Here's how to be customer friendly & focus on client retention + healthy revenue.
How fitness businesses can use technology to track client progress, offer personal attention, improve client results & boost profitability.
Clients like semi-private training because it offers perks of private training at a lower cost. Check out our tips on structuring classes so clients feel the value.
How fitness businesses can use technology to track client progress, offer personal attention, improve client results & boost profitability.
Semi-private training is your #1 untapped market, & we've got tips to integrate it into a well-rounded fitness experience for your clients. Learn more here!
Knowing your clients' names is crucial for building relationships, retaining clients, & creating a welcoming space. Boost satisfaction with 6 simple tips!
Smart investments in fitness client retention can save $200,000+/year, keep your clients happy, and keep your gym healthy. Read more here.
Inexpensive, high-value investments that keep your clients happy support a healthy fitness business with steady membership revenue.  Grab our tips here.
Client retention is critical to your gym's success, and it doesn't have to be expensive. We've got tips & 6 hands-on ideas to increase your cumulative revenue.
Increasing client retention by just 5% can reduce the cost of getting new clients by 7x and increase gym profits by as much as 25-95%. Grab the tips you need here!
Membership fees are a trade off when it comes to your fitness business' revenue. Setting gym prices can be tricky, but we've done the math. Learn more now!
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) helps determine long-term profitability, which is crucial to the success of your business. Learn more here.
Stop spending time & money looking for fitness clients if you're not retaining  current gym customers. Check out the math here. Retention strategies pay.
A 1% difference in the rate of monthly client loss makes a huge difference in the success of your fitness business. Take a look at the math for more insight.
Many gym owners don't know that there are ways to save money and even profit when offering towels in the gym. We'll tell you more about it here.
If you're not offering all gym members complimentary body comp analysis/assessment, you're missing out on a lot of sales. Let's take a look at how to fix that.
There are many ways to provide towels to gym members. Find out which one works best for your business! We've got some ideas!
Ready to use complimentary body comps to boost your gym's personal training sales and increase client retention by 400%? Learn more here.
You may be wondering if gyms should provide towel service. Let's look at a few reasons why offering a towel service can be beneficial to gyms.
We'll show you how to create a website that converts visitors into leads and customers. We'll discuss the difference between fancy design and sales/conversion.
A lead magnet is a product or service of value that you give for free in exchange for prospects' contact information.
Are you looking for ways to promote your gym locally? Then read this article! It has tips for Creating an Effective Gym Local Marketing Strategy.
There's no denying that reviews have become more important than ever before when it comes to choosing gyms. But what exactly makes them so valuable?
The right digital marketing strategy can increase your fitness blog revenue by up to 83%. Learn how here.
Fit Pros may feel like they're sleeping on the job if you don't have an Instagram fitness community, but a blog can be a crucial part of your marketing. Here's why.
Present leads with a fitness plan that shows exactly how to get from Body A to Body B and you'll retain clients 5x as long and increase your gym business profits.
Potential clients often let misconceptions interfere with starting a fitness program. Capturing those clients starts with sharing an achievable plan. Here's how.
Skinny isn't sustainable, & it's time to get clients off weight loss roller coasters. Flip the switch by providing plans with more strength and less skinny.

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