Exercise: Not Just For Your Muscles, But For Your Gut

Your gut health is the foundation of your overall health and well-being. Recent research shows how exercise increases the good microbes.

Healthkit Troubleshooting
If your step count and walk/run distance look off, here's how to fix it.
How to Update Your Credit Card Info
Need to enter new credit card info for billing? Follow these simple steps to update it.
My Journey With Trainer Mara and TrainWithMe
"I'm inspired each and every day to move forward on the road to healthy living..."
TrainWithMe Brand Guidelines
Want to mention TrainWithMe or use our logo? Awesome! Download our logo here and check out some dos and don't.
Trainer Tip: How to Enter Your Bank Info
Ready to get paid? Let's enter your bank info!
10 Minutes Of Exercise Can Increase Focus And Brain Power
A recent study finds even a short, one-time burst of exercise can boost parts of the brain.
Trainer Tip: Upload & Organize Exercises
New to the trainer app? Ready to upload your exercises videos? We have a couple of tips for you.
Trainer Tip: How to Shoot an Exercise Video
Ready to shoot some exercise videos? It's easier than you think!
Trainer Tip: Manage Your Plans
Set up and customize multiple plans to fit the needs of your current and prospective clients!
Working Out With Phone In Pocket (Background Mode)
What to do when you experience volume issues due to background mode
Play Workout Without WiFi
Slow wifi at the gym? Want to workout outside? No problem!

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