The Semi-Private Training Sweet Spot: How To Earn More Revenue And Offer Better Prices

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There's a lot of chatter in the news today about Chat GPT, and there are a lot of fitness professionals who are worried about how scary good it is at building workout plans.

I get your concern and I've got your back. No matter what happens...even if Chat GPT tries to steal all of our clients...I'm prepared, and I'm going to help you prepare too.

I'm often asked about how to price training services, and today we're talking about pricing semi-private training sessions effectively so you have a plan in place to prevent Chat GPT from stealing clients who are on a budget.

Let's face it...even though Chat GPT's workouts may be pretty good, it can never love up your clients the way you do (it even admits that if you ask...more on that another time), and clients definitely need lots of accountability that way.

So back to pricing: with semi-private training, if you price too high, you might not get as many clients, but if you price too low, you leave profits on the table.

When you find the Goldilocks solution and the price is just right, it increases your revenue and offers a lower price to your clients. It's a true win-win.

Semi-private training sessions should cost 35% the rate of a private session. So, if you charge $80 for a private session, semi-private training should cost $28 per session or $252 for the month.

Easy peasy, right? But why 35%? Here's how I think of it:

When you're at a party, you don't want to be the only one dancing, right? It's more fun when you have a group of friends to dance with.

The same goes for working out. Working out with others can be much more fun and motivating than working out alone.

But let's face it, some of those people who love the social side of fitness still need the personal attention they get from a private session. They're simply not going to get results at free group classes, and many of them realize that.

By pricing semi-private sessions at 35% the rate of a private session, you're making it a very attractive option for those who want to work out with others, while still offering a substantial discount for those who recognize that they need some individual attention and accountability.

Even better, if you sell it right, you're training more people in one hour so you're increasing your revenue.

Bottom Line: pricing semi-private training sessions at 35% the rate of a private session is a great way to go. I know lots of fitness business owners who are winning with this model by meeting their clients' needs and bringing in more revenue/hour.

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