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We are on a quest to understand what factors drive results in fitness and health

We are designing technology to enhance trainer-to-client communication to get the best fitness results possible.

We are always asking ourselves questions. Here are some questions from our founders that influence our direction:

Why don’t people who want to lose weight just try exercising more and eating less?

Why do I always procrastinate when I want to go to the gym?

Why did I pay a monthly fee for a gym membership for years when I never went?

Why was it so hard to find a specialist to train with to get back to normal after my hernia surgery?

Why can't I work exercise into my day instead of having to structure my day around exercise?

Why do so many people I know buy home gyms and not use them?

Why is it so difficult for people like my parents to get effective, professional fitness help after physical therapy ends?

How do celebrities stay so fit? Do they have live-in personal trainers?

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