Three Easy Ways to Improve Client Satisfaction And Increase Personal Training Revenue

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If you haven't set up a system to take regular body comps for all clients and client prospects, you're leaving a lot of potential training and membership revenue on the table. 

The time investment may seem counterintuitive, but the data shows offering complimentary body comps pays. Managing client data effectively can enhance client retention by 400%.

Whether you're looking to go from 10 to 20 clients or 500 to over 1,000 clients, you need one strategic platform to collect personal health data for the short and long haul. 

Organizing data + tracking client history is the best business decision you can make. This literally gives you superpowers to impact each and every client in a personal way. 

It's how you start and nurture loyal, long-term relationships, not to mention show great results.

So what's the best way to start collecting client data? Let's take a look at three easy opportunities. 

Re-Evaluate All Current Clients 

Whether clients want to lose fat or gain muscle, delivering measurable results to customers ultimately feeds your business. 

Client success is your success, so double down on demonstrating measurable results. 

You should be taking body comps to track progress every 6 -8 weeks for weight loss and every 10 - 12 weeks for changes in muscle. Taking a deep dive into the data always re-focuses everyone. 

The power of re-evaluating progress is astounding. Whether you show progress … or even lack of progress … tracking results beyond the scale keeps reality in check and motivates clients to take more action. For REAL! 

It's also an opportunity to motivate and inspire leaning into their goals with your support and coaching. 

Everyone loves a little attention, so when you believe in your clients more than they believe in themselves, that is the sweet spot. Do this, and they will succeed. 

Making It Happen

  • Set a schedule for taking regular body comps for all members every 6-12 weeks
  • Create a calendar with reminders
  • Document the body comp results so you can evaluate progress over time
  • Schedule regular re-checks to monitor progress and offer support

Reach Out To Former Clients 

It's very easy to re-sell someone who knows, likes, and trusts you, so show your former clients some love. Reach out to everyone you've trained in the last year and offer a free check-in and body comp. 

 If you are shy about doing this, then stop being so selfish! They always appreciate the thought, and they probably still need your help. 

This is part of what we call the lead nurturing process. Assume they will come back to you. 

Even if you know they can't train with you right now, maybe they'll hit you up in six months or a year. 

Who knows! Maybe they have a friend who needs to help, and you may get a referral just for checking in. 

Building a personal training practice is about serving customers. Clients will come and go, but by staying in touch, you leave the door open for them to come back. 

Making It Happen

  • Pick a regular time to review former client list (maybe the first of each month)
  • Set a calendar reminder so you don't forget
  • Reach out to all clients you haven't seen in a year offering a complimentary check-in and body comp
  • Evaluate progress (or lack of progress) 
  • Lay out new plans for those who need support

Evaluate Every Client Prospect

Every new member should meet with a trainer. 

Not only does it help feed the training department, but it is also a safety measure for the clients. 

You want members to understand what they are doing inside your facility. It's your chance to collect, understand, and use their data + goals to sell them the outcome they want. 

The more you know about a person (goals, motivations, limitations, challenges) the easier it is to sell them the results they want. 

Even if you know they won't buy training services, love 'em up anyway, even if you know it will be a fun way to connect and serve at the same time! That mindset always pays. 

Chances are, with the right approach, they will buy from you again. If not this time, then next time.

Go get ‘em.  They are waiting for you, they just don't know it!

Making It Happen

  • Include a complimentary intro session for all new members 
  • Try to schedule the session when the membership contract is signed AND
  • As a backup, create a system for the front desk staff to follow up until the session is on the books
  • Document body comp results so you can demonstrate progress or lack of results
  • Compare results over time and offer training support if client goals aren't met
  • Set up reminders to offer follow up assessments every 6-12 weeks

When you offer regular body comp reports and they visibly contribute to your clients' progress, it's important to ask them for 5-star Google reviews. 

As the reviews come in, you get good credibility with Google so they'll move you to the top of local gym search results so you can get more local leads.

Want some tips on generating positive Google reviews to support your local marketing efforts? We've got you covered.