Skinny Is A Lie: How To Drive Client Results By Selling Strength

You know those people who tell you they follow “the rules” but can't lose weight?

Misconceptions led them to believe starvation and suffering is the key to skinny, but as fitness professionals, we know that's not true.

Doctors tell them to get skinny, but don't share that building muscle has the most impact on improving hormonal function outside of medication.

Next time someone says nothing helps them get skinny, explain how building muscle is key to ideal body comp, hormonal health, and long term success.

Share a step-by-step plan that will enable them to eat more, do less cardio, and live a better quality of life.

Creating these custom fitness plans doesn't have to be time consuming. Your clients can get their own plan in just 60 seconds by completing a quick questionnaire so they come to you ready to buy. It's all about offering the right marketing teaser offer on your website.

That's when those target clients you're looking at get excited to try something new, and they'll sign up with you.
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