What I Learned From Chat GPT About A Trainer's Most Important Job

Yes! Send the formula to a personal approach that beats Chat GPT.

If you've followed my AI journey, you know that I've been paying a lot of attention to the rise of Chat GPT in the fitness industry. And based on the comments I'm seeing and hearing, I know a lot of you are paying attention too.

It's cool and creepy at the same time, the idea of having a personal trainer who's also a robot. Instead of The Terminator who says "I'll be back," this is more like "I'll be tracking your progress through the cloud." 

And let's be real, as much as free workouts may seem appealing to our clients, who really wants to be told what to do by a machine? 

But then, when I heard that a kid used ChatGPT to create his own 30-day workout program, suddenly I'm like:

"Whoa, maybe robots actually could steal our clients! I wonder if there's a chance that AI could actually put me out of business."

In my previous demos, I showed you how ChatGPT can create good, personalized workout programs and how it can personalize them too. 

This time, I decided to just be direct and ask: "How can you give my client the needed love and support for success?"

The result? It seems like it misunderstood my question. I asked it how "it" - ChatGPT - could serve my client, but it's answering by telling me how I can serve my client.

Maybe that's a good thing??? It seems like ChatGPT doesn't want my clients? 

It's recommending frequent encouragement, communication, accountability, empathy, which is amazing because I've got those nailed down with all of my systems.

I'm sending my clients audio messages and video messages all the time to keep them going, and it seems like ChatGPT can't do that stuff yet. 

Come to think of it, I have no idea how an AI would offer effective encouragement, communication, accountability, and empathy.

And, even if it did, I doubt would have the cheery optimism of a real trainer. 

Imagine a robot trying to motivate your clients during a tough workout. Even on a good day it would probably sound mechanical at best, like Siri: 

"Please do your workout. You can do it! As an AI language model, I cannot do your workout for you." 

And let's be honest, robots aren't exactly known for their emotional intelligence. 

Sure, they might be able to calculate BMI and recommend a few exercises, but they can't give your clients a high-five when they hit a new personal best or offer words of encouragement when they're feeling down. 

So, before we get too worked up about the future of AI, let's remember this: AI might be able to create personalized workout plans, but it can't replace the human touch.

If you want to build a successful career in the fitness industry, focus on what you do best: being a human. 

By offering your clients the support, encouragement, and accountability they need, you establish yourself as an invaluable resource in your clients' fitness journeys. 

At the end of the day, no matter how advanced technology gets, there's no substitute for the power of human connection. 

Bottom line... I'm going to take this third experiment as a win for humanity over machines. Chat GPT even said it straight up: if you focus on providing your clients with love and support to help the achieve their goals, you're going to have a beautiful career. 

Are you prepared for the future?

Providing love and support for your clients begins with offering personalized support when they first visit your website + implementing smart strategies for client retention.

Chat GPT can't offer any of that the same way you can.

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