All About Recording Audio Cues

Get the tips you need to record the best audio cues!

All About Custom Audio Cues

Custom cues guide your clients through using proper form and keep them motivated. They also make your personal training business feel a lot more...personal.

Recording 3-4 cues per exercise optimizes your clients' experience. Get all the information you need to offer your clients the BEST experience here.

All About Automated Cue Assignment

Our high tech, proprietary cue manager automatically sprinkles your cues throughout client workouts. That means once you record the cues, the rest is automated. There's no extra work for you and your clients get an amazing experience.

All About The Different Types Of Audio Cues

Audio cues are recorded in the TWM Pro app under Manage > Audio Library. Learn all about Countdown, Standard, Halfway, and Exercise Name cues here.

All About Optimizing Your Clients' Experience With Audio Cues

Audio cues are very simple to record, but you'll want to optimize them so your clients have the most personalized experience possible.

It's important, so we've built a website with all the guidance you'll want. Ready to learn more? Click the link below!