All About Setting Up Payments

We've partnered with Stripe, and industry leader in payment processing, to provide secure, reliable payment services.

Ready to set up your Stripe account so you can start requesting and receiving payments? Here's your quick start guide!

All About In-App Payments

There are some very powerful payment processing tools available to you in our mobile app. Click here to learn more.

All About Subscription Plan Payments

Subscription plans allow you to set up client payment plans with the ultimate flexibility. You can choose a price, a billing cycle, opt in or out of a credit card requirement, and whether to offer free trials or not. You've got lots of options so you can build plans that work for you AND your clients.

All About Special Request Payments

Our Special Request tool offers some payment options that you're NOT going to want to miss. You can collect one-time payments, and schedule on demand reservations, which offer maximum workflow efficiency in minimal time.

All About Collecting Payments Quickly

Our payment tool makes it quicker to collect payments than any other tool around. We offer features you won't find anywhere else, like automated payment reminders when your clients have outstanding balances. They're can't-miss features you'll want to optimize!

All About Payment Summaries

We offer payment summaries in the app and on the web portal, so no matter where you're working, you can get the information you need to manage your training income.

Payment FAQs

We address your most common questions, like Stripe payment processing fees, payments for trainers outside of the U.S., and more.

All About Payments: An Overview

Want to know more about TrainWithMe payments, including how we process them and why you'll want to start here? Here's where to start.

All About On Demand Reservations

With On Demand Reservations, once you and your client confirm a date and time for an appointment, your client will automatically receive a payment request.

That means you don't have to take time to send a payment request, and your session will be paid for before it even begins. It's the ultimate in scheduling and payment efficiency!