All About On Demand Reservations: See It In Action

From start to finish, see how to initiate On Demand Reservations and receive automated payments. It's the ultimate in workflow efficiency, combining scheduling and payment requests in a way that requires minimal trainer time.

Most importantly, you'll only find this feature at TrainWithMe!

All About On Demand Reservations: Why You Need It

With On Demand Reservations, once you and your client confirm a date and time for an appointment, your client will automatically receive a payment request.

That means you don't have to take time to send a payment request, and your session will be paid for before it even begins. It's the ultimate in scheduling and payment efficiency!

All About In-App Scheduling

Did you know that you can schedule appointments with clients in the app? Whether you want to schedule in-person sessions, phone calls, FaceTime sessions, or anything else, we've got you covered!

All About Special Request Messaging

There are some powerful features you'll want to know about in our Special Request messaging tool, like:

(-) Client Scheduling
(-) On Demand Reservations
(-) One Time Payment Requests
(-) Body Weight Requests

Special Request messages are a great workflow tool for you and your clients, so if you aren't using them, read all about them here and give it a try!