Could Chat GPT Replace Your Fitness Business? 

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AI is in the news a lot these days.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know there's a lot of chit-chat about whether it could take away our jobs. 

I started wondering if Chat GPT could actually take my place as a personal trainer.

So I did an experiment. 

I went to Chat GPT and entered this prompt: 

 “Please design a workout program for a 40-year old busy professional. Her body comp is 26% and she wants to get it down to 22% in the next 10 weeks. 

I need a week's worth of workouts, starting on Monday, with rest days on Thursday and Saturday. It should be a total body strength training program. 

The workouts should be 35-40 minutes each.” 

I hit enter, and here's what happened: 

  • I got a full week of workouts that looked really good
  • Chat GPT got the rest days exactly right
  • It offered adjustments for weeks 2-10 to support ongoing progress 
  • There were reminders to listen to your body, adjust as needed, eat a balanced diet, and allow for rest and recovery between workouts 

So, what's the takeaway? Is Chat GPT going to take our jobs? 

Here's how I'm thinking of it: let's envision a race. Personal trainers have been leading the pack for a while now, and Chat GPT is a new runner on the scene. 

While Chat GPT has some impressive initial speed and agility, personal trainers have the advantage of years of training and experience. 

But if personal trainers don't keep up their training and hone their skills, Chat GPT might just overtake them in the long run. 

Bottom Line: The same way runners need to continually train and improve their technique to stay ahead of the competition, personal trainers need to focus on more than just providing good workouts. 

We need to differentiate ourselves by loving up our clients and delivering a holistic experience. 

AI is only going to get better as time goes on, so the burning question is, are you prepared for the future? 

I took my experiment one step further, so make sure to see what happened when I probed Chat GPT a little more…check out what happened here!

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