Tips and Tricks

Love listening to music while you work out? Or maybe you'd like save your favorite workouts?

We've got your back! Keep scrolling for the tips and tricks you need to make sure your TrainWithMe experience is always what you'd like it to be.

How to Play Music During a Workout

Workouts are a lot more fun with music in the background, right? Right!

Here's how to play music while following your trainer's cues.

Need some music that goes with your workout? Ask your trainer to suggest a playlist!

Saving Workouts

Your favorite workouts are the best workouts. They get you moving and keep you happy.

That's why we made sure you can save them! Watch this video to learn how.

Create a Challenge Group

Fitness is definitely more fun with friends, and our trainers appreciate that.

Interested in a friendly challenge with your friends and family, colleagues, or even just a group of people with similar goals?

Ask your trainer about creating a challenge group!