TrainWithMe Daily Summaries

If you find yourself motivated by fitness tracking, you're going to LOVE our daily activity summaries!

They can keep track of your step count, walk + run distance, total calories burned, active calories, resting heart rate, nutrition and more.

It's great motivation when you're active, and a great reminder to get up and move when you're not so active.

How is My Calorie Burn Calculated?

There are a lot of factors that affect the way your Apple HealthKit calculates calorie burn, so listen in to this message for more on what you'll want to know.

Keep Beating Your Streak!

The longest client streak on record is 645 days of consistent workouts. We challenge you to BEAT THAT!

Here's what you'll want to know about how streaks are calculated.

About TrainWithMe + Fitness Trackers

Activity tracking devices are popular for a reason. Many of us feel SO motivated by tracking our progress!

If you want to track your activity, it's important to understand how TrainWithMe collaborates with HealthKit.

The Best Activity Tracking Experience

TrainWithMe collaborates with Apple HealthKit to track your steps, walk + run distance, and more.

Since Apple's products are all designed to sync together seamlessly with your Apple HealthKit, tracking your activity on TrainWithMe is easiest if you use an Apple Watch. It's a top notch user experience!

Don't have an Apple watch? That's ok! Keep reading, because it's possible to sync your data if you use a Fitbit too, and we designed a guide to walk you through the setup process.

TrainWithMe + Apple HealthKit

Curious how TrainWithMe records your activity?

Here's the skinny: your data is all collected by Apple HealthKit, and if you grant permission for TrainWithMe to access this data, it's delivered to your TrainWithMe daily summary throughout the day.

Why Grant HealthKit Permissions?

Enabling the TrainWithMe/HealthKit Connection

The first time you log in to TrainWithMe, it's important to turn on permissions to all HealthKit categories. If you DON'T grant permission, you and your trainer won't have the visibility you need to optimize your personal training plan.

Tune in for more about why you should enable HealthKit access and how to get started.

Enabling and Refreshing HealthKit

If you didn't enable HealthKit access when you initially logged in to TrainWithMe, it's not too late! We'll walk you through the steps here.

And if you sometimes open TrainWithMe and notice that your daily activity summary is not up to date, it's very easy to refresh. We'll cover that here too.

Let's go!

Calling All Wearable Fitness Tracker Users

Seeing your progress is great motivation. But it can be super-frustrating when you can't see data from your wearable fitness tracker and your TrainWithMe activity on one dashboard.

Not only that, but it makes it much harder for you to share a comprehensive activity overview with your trainer so you fitness plan can be optimized.

The good news is that there ARE solutions. And we're here to help!

Syncing Fitbit Data with TrainWithMe

Fitbit does not offer a way to sync your activity to your Apple HealthKit, but there are third party apps that can do this for you.

Proper setup is a lot easier with a few tips and tricks, and since we know this is something that is important to many of you, we developed this guide to help you set things up.

Let's do it!

Syncing Garmin Data with TrainWithMe

Garmin has an app that will connect your fitness activity data to your Apple HealthKit.

Once you've set up the connection, TrainWithMe can display your Garmin fitness activity in all of your TrainWithMe daily summaries.

That means that you and your trainer can get a more accurate picture of your progress, making it a lot easier to stay motivated and reach your goal!

Click the link below for the full guide to syncing your Garmin device.