Setting Up Nightly Workout Reminders
Your Device and Your Experience
Are you one of those people who has to have the newest technology the day it's released?

Or do you hang on to your device until it dies?

Regardless, it's good to know how the age of your device affects your TrainWithMe experience. Listen in for more!
Calling All Wearable Fitness Tracker Users
Seeing your progress is great motivation. But it can be super-frustrating when you can't see data from your wearable fitness tracker and your TrainWithMe activity on one dashboard.

Not only that, but it makes it much harder for you to share a comprehensive activity overview with your trainer so you fitness plan can be optimized.

The good news is that there ARE solutions. And we're here to help!
Apple Activity App Issues
If you've updated to ios 14 and you're having trouble with your Apple Activity app, it's not related to TrainWithMe. Here's an update for you (in the link below), and it appears to be related to the new operating system updates.

Keep an eye out for new ios updates so you can get the fixes as soon as they're available!
Syncing Fitbit Data with TrainWithMe
Proper Fitbit syncing setup is a lot easier with a few tips and tricks, and since we know this is something that is important to many of you, we developed this guide to help you set things up.
Syncing Garmin Data with TrainWithMe
Garmin has an app that will connect your fitness activity data to your Apple HealthKit.

Once you've set up the connection, TrainWithMe can display your Garmin fitness activity in all of your TrainWithMe daily summaries.

That means that you and your trainer can get a more accurate picture of your progress, making it a lot easier to stay motivated and reach your goal!

Click the link below for the full guide to syncing your Garmin device.