Sharing Your Nutrition Diary With Your Trainer

If your trainer offers nutrition support, we offer several ways to share your daily nutrition stats and pictures of what you ate.

Keep reading and we'll share all the details!

The Most Important Step: Enabling Apple HealthKit Integration

The BEST way to track your nutrition in the TrainWithMe app so that you and your trainer can see what you eat is to choose a tracking app and enable Apple HealthKit integration.

Here's how it works: when you enable permissions for TrainWithMe and your nutrition tracking app to access the data in your Apple HealthKit, those apps will both be able to use Apple HealthKit to "share" your data with one another.

That way, when you track your nutrition in your favorite tracking app, TrainWithMe can import your data to your daily summary so your trainer can see what you've been eating.

It's the best way to get a comprehensive overview of your nutrition and your fitness so your trainer can help you modify your lifestyle so you can achieve your goals.

Setting Up Nutrition Tracking

There are lots of Apple apps that track nutrition, and for this demo, we're going to show you how to set up tracking on MyPlate. You can follow these guidelines to set up tracking on MyPlate or your favorite app.

Here's how to get started on MyPlate:

(-) Download the MyPlate app
(-) Sign up
(-) Watch the video below to make sure you've enabled permissions for Apple HealthKit to receive data from MyPlate.
(-) You'll need to enable HealthKit permissions for TrainWithMe as well.
(-) Start tracking!

As long as permissions are turned ON for both TrainWithMe AND MyPlate, your daily nutrient intake will display in your TrainWithMe daily summary so you and your trainer can both monitor your nutrition.

Tracking Nutrition With Other Apps

Interested in tracking nutrition with an app other than MyPlate? You can integrate your nutrition into your daily summaries using any app that works with Apple HealthKit.

To set it up, just choose an app, make sure your Apple HealthKit permissions are ON for both TrainWithMe and the nutrition app you've selected, and as you track, your nutrition information will integrate with TrainWithMe.

For instructions on how to turn HealthKit permissions on, watch the video above.

Using The "What I Ate" Tool

Connecting a nutrition tracking app to HealthKit/TrainWithMe is the BEST way to track everythign you eat and share that with your trainer.

If you want to share an occasional meal with your trainer to get feedback, you can use our What I Ate Beta feature.

To do this, click the + button in the upper left hand corner of your timeline and you'll be able to send photos of what you ate to your trainer and receive feedback.