App Store Update: v2.7.4
(-) A response required messaging feature, so when you need to get information from your clients, you can make their response a requirement. It takes client accountability to a whole new level!

(-) Efficiency improvements, so you can continue to streamline your workflow experience.
App Store Update: v2.7.3
(-) Help videos when and where you need them, so building your TrainWithMe business is easier than ever!

(-) Reply buttons directly in the timeline when you receive client feedback. This means when you see client feedback in your timeline, you can click a button to reply immediately without navigating to the client's chat channel.

(-) Group workout assignments directly in the app, so you can send a workout to multiple clients. This means you won't have to go to the TrainWithMe web portal for group workout assignments anymore.

(-) Loading improvements, so your user experience is great from the moment you open the app.
App Store Update: v2.7.2
(-) A new referral tool, so your clients can quickly and easily refer friends and family to sign up for your training plans.

(-) Quick and efficient group messaging, so you can use the app to message one client or many clients with one simple tool.

(-) Improved social interactions, so members of challenge groups can offer "likes," "wows," and other social reactions for trainers and other group members.

(-) Body measurement guidelines and tracking tools, so you can help your clients track and appreciate their progress.

(-) Efficiency upgrades, because everyone wants fast, effective technology!