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Offer Higher Value Training Packages Using Workout Insights

When you use Workout Insights, you'll be able to see when a client skips, pauses, rewinds, and exits a workout, and then use this information to curate your clients' workouts based on the way they use them.

It's like having a crystal ball! Use those insights to customize workouts and your services will be worth so much more to your clients. That means you can offer higher-priced packages that your clients will feel are really worth the investment.

Check out the website below for all the details you'll be looking for.

V2.9.2 App Store Update, 2/2021

Add Value With Workout Reports

In our newest App Store update, we introduced Workout Reports.

The advanced workout report generator uses your tagged exercises to quickly summarize the body parts your clients workouts have focused on.

Say goodbye to manually reviewing tons of historical data to know what your clients have done and what you need to schedule.

Say hello to reports that save you time and add value to your clients' subscriptions!

V2.9.1 App Store Update, 1/2021

Onboarding Milestone Feature

There are two reasons why you'll want to know about our Onboarding Milestone Feature.

(-) If you're getting started on TWM Pro and you want to learn how to use the technology QUICKLY so you can start training and building your online business.

(-) If you're onboarding new trainers, and you want to put them of the fast track for success.

To access the feature, go to Manage > Onboarding in the TWM Pro app.

V2.9.1 App Store Update, 1/2021

New TrainWithMe Premium Marketing Services

Trainers! You told us that you'd love help finding new client leads, so we've partnered with a team of marketing experts to find new clients and expand your personal training business.

Our marketing services are for EVERYONE, whether you're looking for more in-person clients, online clients, or both!

Interested in more information? Listen in on the message below, and message Marci in the TWM Pro app with questions.

Trainer Onboarding Feature + Vertical Exercise Video Support

(-) We launched a new trainer onboarding program. Now learning how to optimize your personal training workflow is easier than ever with our milestone feature that walks you through the process of learning how to use our technology. In the TWM Pro app, go to Manage > Onboarding.

(-) Support for vertical videos! Our enhanced workout player in the client app supports both vertically and horizontally filmed exercise videos, so building a customized exercise library is easier than ever.

V2.9.0 App Store Update, 1/2021

To-Do List Filter

(-) A new, dynamic to-do list feature. Now you can set reminders for your to-do list, and when you've completed a task on your list, it will be automatically marked as done. It's the ultimate workflow convenience!

V2.8.9 App Store Update, 12/2020

Improved Workflow Tools

Now, in the clients tab, you can:

(-) Specify the number of workouts you want to assign to each client, each week.

(-) Sort your client list by the number of workouts assigned each week so you can make sure you've followed through by assigning the number of workouts your client expects.

V2.8.8 App Store Update, 12/2020

Extra Help Resources + Better Data

(-) Extra help! We've added even more links to help-based websites so you can get the help you need, when and where you want it.

(-) Improved client activity data, so you can communicate with clients effectively, keep them motivated, and maintain accountability.

(-) General improvements, so your TrainWithMe experience will always be the best it can be.

V2.8.7 App Store Update, 11/2020

New Sorting Tools, Extra Help, + New Client Account Features

(-) Enhancements to our new "Create A Client" tool. Now you can monitor your new client accounts to see if your clients have activated their accounts, monitor pending account expiration dates, resend activation notices as necessary, and delete pending client accounts as you wish.

(-) More self-guided help! We've created detailed websites with links spread throughout the app so you can get the help you need, when and where you need it.

(-) A new client activity sorting feature that allows you to search your clients by last name, year-to-date payment amount, completed TWM workouts, other logged workouts, and daily average steps.

V2.8.6 App Store Update, 11/2020