App Store Update: V2.8.1
(-) Improved payment functionality in the app. Our new payments tab gives you access to set up your Stripe account so you can create, send and receive one-time payment requests for in-person sessions, review a list of client payments, and offer refunds. Click the Payments tab in the TWM Pro app to access all of these features.
App Store Update: V2.8.0
(-) On-Demand Reservations for scheduling an in-person training session. With this feature, you can send scheduling requests to clients, confirm a date and time, and automatically process payments on confirmation.


All the info you need (and more!) is available in the link below.
App Store Update: V2.7.9
(-) Long story short: This version has LOTS of new scheduling features! Click the web link below to learn all about how to use in-app scheduling, or see the next post for a written summary.

(-) In-app programming functionality. Send and cancel programs without logging into the web app!
App Store Update: V2.7.9 Written Summary
(-) A new scheduling feature, so when you want to set up in-person sessions, FaceTime meetings, or phone calls, you can send a special request directly from the app.

(-) Banner notifications for scheduling requests, so your clients will always see those requests at the top of their timelines, and you won't have to follow up to receive responses.

(-) Calendar integration, so both you and your clients can tap the date and time of your scheduled appointments and add them to your calendars directly from the app.

(-) An in-app support video explaining special request messaging and how to use the special request filter. Now, when you check out the filter for the first time, you'll get the guidance you need right there.