App Store Update: V2.8.5
(-) Enhancements to our "Create A Client" feature that makes it faster than ever to invite a client to train. You'll simply enter the client's name and email address. We'll take care of the email invite and guide your client through the download and login process. You can even attach a workout program or subscription plan so your new clients have workouts, messages, and a payment plan as soon as they log in!

(-) All the client profile page updates you wanted! Now, on the client profile page, you can:

1. Enter and save notes about client preferences, limitations, injuries and more

2. Send goal requests and review goals

3. Review payment history and assigned workout programs

4. Set client status, fitness level, messaging reminders, and maximum saved workouts.

App Store Update: V2.8.4
(-) You're going to love the new automated client payment reminders! When clients have balances due for in-person sessions, the app can automatically send payment reminders so you don't have to track balances and take time to send follow up messages. You choose the date and time for the follow-up messages, and TrainWithMe takes care of the rest.
App Store Update: V2.8.3
(-) Enhancements to exercise tagging, so now your tags help you AND your clients. When you use the tagging feature, your clients can see a diagram of the muscles they're workout in each workout. Now tagging is a real win-win!
App Store Update: V2.8.2

(-) Tagging in the exercise library, so it's easy ot categorize and search all of your exercises. This means faster-than-ever workout building!

(-) A new bulk tagging feature means you can tag all of the exercise library with a simple select-and-go process.

(-) A new exercise-by-exercise tagging feature that allows you to tag one exercise at a time if you prefer.

(-) Our new search-by-tag feature in the exercise library and workout builder makes building workouts super-fast, so you can spend less time building workouts and more time working with clients.

(-) A new "Create A Client" feature that makes it quick and easy to invite a new client to train with you, complete with an automatic email invite to your new clients so they can download the app and start training fast.

(-) Optional workout assignment with the new "Create A Client" feature, so your new clients can access workouts and content as soon as they sign into the app.

(-) Workout preview emails, so your clients can receive an email copy of each workout. It helps with accessibility, accountability, and it makes it easy for clients who need extra flexibility to preview and print workouts.