App Store Update: V2.7.8
(-) Enhancements to special request messages, so it's easier to provide the support your clients need as they work to achieve their wellness goals.

(-) A new body weight special request message feature. These messages enable you to put a priority on getting regular weigh-ions so your clients get the accountability they want and need.

(-) A timeline filter for client responses to special requests, so you'll never miss a client's response, and it's easy to locate data when you need to access it.
App Store Update: V2.7.7
(-) Swipe functionality that allows you to mark timeline items done. Now, it's easier than ever to organize your workflow and make sure you never miss interacting with a client!

(-) Enhancements to repeated workouts, so when a client wants to repeat a workout, or when you want to resend a workout, it feels fresh every time.

(-) Improvements to client feedback displays, so it's easier to review feedback and implement changes based on client requests.

(-) A new help section in the client app, so you won't have to spend time on client education and tech support.
App Store Update: V2.7.6
(-) Sign In with Apple, so you and your clients can use Apple's advanced thumbprint and facial recognition technology to make logging in quick and easy!

(-) We've perfected our large file uploading, so your clients can feel comfortable knowing that you've received their videos. And you can feel good knowing your trainer-client communication tools work effectively so you can assess client form and progress WITHOUT providing tech support.
App Store Update: V2.7.5
(-) You succeed when your clients succeed, so we've launched new communication features designed to improve client accountability. When you need a response from your client to help push progress, you can require it. Check out the website below to learn all about how, when, and why to use SPECIAL REQUESTS!

(-) Overall design improvements, so your online training experience is quicker and more efficient than ever!